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Thirty Seconds To Mars

Thirty Seconds To Mars

These EMA favourites are as dedicated to their fans as their fans are to them.

From: Los Angeles, USA

Members: Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Miličević

Debut: ‘Thirty Seconds to Mars’ (2002)

Big Break: ’A Beautiful Lie’ (2005)

Cool Collab: Performing concerts with fans doing backup vocals

Awesome Accolade: A Guinness World Record for most live shows on one album release (300)

EMA Nominations: InterAct 2007, Best World Stage Performance 2010, Best Video 2010, Biggest Fans 2011 & 2013, Best Video 2013

EMA Wins: RockOut 2007, Video Star/RockOut 2008, Best Rock 2010, Best Alternative/Best World Stage 2011, Best Alternative 2013

EMA Performances: ‘Hurricane’ Ft. Kanye West (2010)

EMA Appearances: VIP Bar Host 2008

Fun Fact: Their single ‘Up in the Air’ was launched into outer space by a rocket.

Why We Love Them: Their constant outpouring of appreciation for their fan base, the Echelon.

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  • Best Alternative

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