Austin Mahone

17-year-old MTV PUSH artist Austin Mahone got his start uploading YouTube cover videos and quickly amassed legions of fans known as Mahomies.

Nominated for

  • Best Push Winner

About the Artist

17-year-old Texas native Austin Mahone started playing drums at age 6. In 2010, he started uploading YouTube cover videos, and by 2012, he'd garnered 1.8 million Facebook fans, 1.5 million Twitter followers, and 545,000 YouTube subscribers, notching an amazing 96 million views. After quickly selling 100,000 downloads of his infectious song "11:11" independently, he became a veritable phenomenon, with legions of fans called Mahomies. His 2013 single ‘Say You’re Just a Friend’ featured rapper Flo Rida. Austin was named MTV’s PUSH artist in April.

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